Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bert's Atcama Crossing 2010

Better late than never - my post that is, not Bert's finishing position.  I have followed Bert's preparation for the Atacama Crossing 2010 with great interest.  Dealing with pre-challenge knee injuries and an earthquake prior to the start of the race can't have been easy.  Bert just took it all in his stride and got down to the business of running.  You can read all about it on Bert's web page Inuksuk.

As Bert continues to be a great source of inspiration and support for me in my coming adventures, I just wanted to take the time to encourage you to head on over to Inuksuk and follow his exciting career in the world of adventure and human endeavour.


  1. Hello! Excellent blog! I'd like to have your Flag on my website. So, please, visit me: Greetings!

  2. You are a source of inspiration to us !!
    Bert & Kiki