Friday, August 28, 2009

Have you seen the Great White Whale?

Getting too much of a good thing can drive you a little crazy at times. Full of adrenalin having spent two nights with the whale I decided to take whale watching to the next level ... underwater!

At the risk of frightening the whale with my lilly livered cheeks I chose not to stay in the water all that long - in and out in less than 25 seconds. Inspired by some crazy Norwegians on TV I decided to document this asspicious occasion. The camera was still running when I surfaced and exited. My caring and supportive wife asked later if I really felt it necessary to "cover up"!

I now fully appreciate why one should wear a drysuit when paddling up here!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's getting cold!

It is getting colder here in Uummannaq. Last year we had snow already in September so I am anticipating the end of the paddling season soon(ish).

Whilst the Folbot Kodiak has been cleaned and packed away I am still paddling the Cooper and enjoying the massive icebergs that have been plying these waters the past few weeks.

You might also be interested in finding out how Sean Smith is getting on with his Folbot Cooper in Alaska and be sure to check out Bert Poffé's new and improved webpage with lots of information about past and upcoming adventures.

Meanwhile, I will try and get on the water this weekend - see if I can catch a whale!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Slow Motion Screenshots

No text needed really ...

Geez ... more whale!

I like this one because you get to see the whole of the whale's head, albeit briefly.

I have about one and a half to two hours of whale footage. These short videos of a couple of minutes each are the bitesize chunks!

Telephone Book or Outdoor Brochure?

Just in the door, the new TelePost "brochure"!

It's a great telephone directory. Very thin and acts like a family tree. Jane was often surprised to see staff reading it during a break but I am sure it is a great way to find out where people you know have moved. With only 57, 500 + people, it's not all that impossible!

I just like the cover.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hide & Seek

Another short whale video with the humpback and me playing hide and seek between the icebergs. While not as dramatic as the previous video you can clearly see the whale fluke when he dives.