Friday, August 28, 2009

Have you seen the Great White Whale?

Getting too much of a good thing can drive you a little crazy at times. Full of adrenalin having spent two nights with the whale I decided to take whale watching to the next level ... underwater!

At the risk of frightening the whale with my lilly livered cheeks I chose not to stay in the water all that long - in and out in less than 25 seconds. Inspired by some crazy Norwegians on TV I decided to document this asspicious occasion. The camera was still running when I surfaced and exited. My caring and supportive wife asked later if I really felt it necessary to "cover up"!

I now fully appreciate why one should wear a drysuit when paddling up here!


  1. Wives can be so cruel, eh??

    Btw you are certifiably mad for swimming naked in water with icebergs in it. MAD!! ;)

    Cheers - FP

  2. Hi Sean!

    It is kind of you to call it swimming. As I surfaced I did one of those Hollywood intakes of breath and exhaled a "bloody hell" with feeling!

    Swimming the few metres to shore, there was a moment when I didn't think I was going to make it! :)


  3. There you go....we've had to wait 12 years to see that bare bum!! Fair play Chris...keep the adventures up!!! and yes, the photos are very 'cheeky'!! :)