Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sleet, snow, hail ... and brief moments of reprieve!

Yep, winter is upon us. The paddling season is drawing to a close as it gets darker and colder and generally less pleasant on the water. I had a quick paddle on Wednesday and had the pleasure of a Fin Whale for company, surfacing just a few metres in front of my kayak. The prospects of paddling this weekend though look very bleak - it is hailing as I write.

The "mothership", our very own Umiak, cunningly disguised as a Folbot Greenland, is now washed and ready for storage over the winter. I say "ready" because it hasn't actually got beyond the kayak rack on the deck outside our house. I have to wait for another dry spell ...

Sledge dog puppies were curious about this rubber whale. They didn't get the chance to chew on it though like they have done my Folbot Cooper!

Back on the water. the light is fading. The winter dark will soon be in effect and it really is all about enjoying the daylight hours before they dissapear altogether.

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  1. Don't worry Chris, I'll be sure to post lots of pics of my paddling on Sydney Harbour this summer, so you can sit by candle-light and dream of lazy paddling days in the sun. :P