Saturday, June 6, 2009

The first days of June

1st June: there is still a lot of ice in the fjord. Small floes and lumpy bits that can easily be pushed aside by fishing cutters but not so much fun for a folding kayak - I have the holes to prove it!

2nd June: the day of the general election in Greenland. For once the nature of Greenland was outshone by the remarkable goings on in the Home Rule Government of Greenland. With the advent of Self Rule to be initiated on the 21st June, Greenland's National Day, it was fitting that the current ruling party, Siumut, that have held power for 30 years, was toppled by a landslide victory for the Inuit Ataqatigiit party. The future of Greenland is about to become very exciting indeed.

4th June: more movement on the water and the bergs are most definitely free to roam, sail, or whatever it is that icebergs do.

5th June: the Cooper is dragged out of storage and put in "dry dock" for maintenance and the patching of holes. You don't need to put holes in folding kayaks but I had way too much fun paddling up onto ice floes last June. Repairing kayaks could and perhaps should be a winter job, but at minus 20 Celsius it was never very appealing, and I don't think the dogs would have been too happy either!

6th June: paddling season can clearly begin! I have heard that some of the locals have already been out in the skin on frame kayaks. I had better get those holes fixed so I can join them.

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