Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Waiting Game

After the icebreaker ploughed a channel through the ice over a week ago it has been very tempting to get on the water. Last year I was paddling by the 2nd of May. I am curious as to whether I will be paddling before June this year, a month later than last.

The shops are well stocked again and there is beginning to be signs of "boat life" out on the water but it will be a least a week or more before any serious traffic will be seen on the water. Right now there are plenty of large slabs of ice to be shoved aside and, having made a hole or two in my kayak last year, I am waiting for a bit more open water before paddling.

The ice situation from the island of Uummannaq deeper into the fjord is still prohibitive to kayaks and smaller craft. I just hope it clears within the next three weeks as my wife and I will be paddling in that direction on our summer holiday. Good training for the expedition and the first time away from the island since January.


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful! I will be reading your adventures and watching how that Folbot goes in the icy conditions. All the very best with your training and the Expedition. :)

  2. Thanks Sean. I appreciate your comment and hope that you continue to enjoy reading about the exped. and Greenland.