Friday, May 1, 2009

End of the season

We still have good solid sea ice but for these two pups and me our sledging days have come to an end this season as work has to take precedence. The 10th graders in Uummannaq are currently taking their end of school exams and I will soon be marking many exam papers from different parts of Greenland. Busy times ahead!

While the sea ice is still thick enough for cars to drive on it is starting to get spongy around the icebergs and the lack of provisions in the local store might suggest that the first supply ship of the year would be very welcome. Until then, life goes on in Uummannaq.

While waiting for the paddling season in Uummannaq you might also want to check out Bryan Hansel's Around the Great Lakes Expedition here. Bryan starts his 5 month long expedition on May 2nd.

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