Sunday, June 21, 2009

Greenland's National Day

Overcast but brilliant! Uummannaq has been celebrating their National Day and the introduction of Self Rule including, not least, the UN recognition of Greenlanders as an independent people. This is a major first step on the way to independence.

I was invited to join in the qajaq demonstration and I brought along my modern monstrosity - no offence intended Folbot! ; ) I did okay in the 100m informal race, but I left the rolling to the experts!

I really have to get back into rolling. It has been way too long since I started learning to roll in the swimming pool at Strathclyde Uni. I switched to canoes shortly after that. However, rolling aside, I did get my hand in at fishing today ... literally!

The kids called me over to help them catch capelin that were swimming in huge shoals in the harbour. I took a modest four to begin with but came back for more when Jane joined me with the camera!

It has been a good day - paddling with the pros and catching fish with the kids. A nice way to see in the first day of an exciting future for Greenland!

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