Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ah ... winter in Uummannaq!

This is what life is about during the winter in Uummannaq!

Hunters work hard throughout the year in all temperatures and all kinds of weather. They use boats in the period when there is no ice, roughly June to November. They then have a tricky period when the ice is forming in November and December. If they are lucky they can begin to drive dog sledges and snowscooters out to their fishing lines and seal nets from January. The ice season currently lasts from mid-January until late May.

When not working hard, many hunters are playing hard and training for the annual dog sledge races. We have recently had the Greenland Championships held in Ilulissat. Last year the championships were held in Uummannaq. Hundreds of Greenland Dogs were brought to the island. They ran here from several settlements and were freighted in with Sikorsky helicopters. There was easily 1,000 plus dogs here last year!

Dog sledging in Greenland is as much a part of the culture, especially in the North, as kayaking.

There are two seasons in this part of Greenland: kayaking and dog sledging!

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