Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's nearly here!

The Kodiak has been built, boxed and shipped! Brilliant! Hopefully it will arrive before the ice breaks up so I can transport it home on the sledge - saves on the price of a taxi!

You might be wondering why I need the kayak so far in advance of the actual expedition - summer 2010? Well, the water becomes extremely cold and full of slush ice already in late September and October. Add to that the rapid loss of daylight and the paddling season becomes very short indeed. We typically have sea ice from January/February until May/June leaving very little time before the planned departure in late June 2010 to try out the boat on a shakedown cruise. David and I arranged that the Kodiak be sent already this Spring so that I might try it out in July/August this year when the conditions are favourable.

To see more of the Kodiak being built check out David's photos here.

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