Monday, March 16, 2009

Sledging and Scheduling!

I received a great email from David AvRutick at Folbot the other day, the Kodiak for the expedition is on the building schedule! Fantastic!

What I love about Folbot - I already own two boats - is it feels like you are buying a boat, a yacht, a ship, whatever ... you get an email that tells you your kayak is to be "built". In a very small "boys own adventure" kind of way, it could feel like Fridtjof Nansen getting a telegram from Colin Archer saying that Fram is now under construction. Okay, a very small way!

As we have sea ice covering the fjord at the moment there is zero paddling to be done. That, however, is okay as it means my Greenland Dogs are camped out on the ice and running. I guess that is why I am torn between thinking about paddling and getting out there with the dogs. There will be time for everything, and while winter is for the dogs and sledging the summer is all about getting on the water. I am fortunate to live in an area with just two seasons: sledging and paddling!

When not working or sledging I have found time to play with the Kodiak - in Photoshop. Just how many decklines do I think I need? : )

Posted by Chris
16. martsi 2009


Anonymous on March 17, 2009 1:09 PM

Just received the Folbot newsletter and checked out your site. Sounds great. I already own a Greenland II EXP and Kodiak EXP. Is your craft going to be setup different than normal? If so can you explain or post pictures? Good Luck.

Richard Nourie

Comment by The Seven Settlements Kayak Expedition on March 17, 2009 4:41 PM

Hi Richard

Thanks for your comment.

Apart from adding some extra decklines I plan on paddling the Kodiak as it comes - no significant modifications. I have asked Folbot to add decklines fore and aft, closer to the ends but have left that up to them. I wanted more room to place the sail attachments etc.

It is important for me to show that the Kodiak is capable of more challenging trips without any modification. We know folders have some limitations, but in the two summers I have been paddling Folbots in and around icebergs and glaciers we have never had any doubts about the capability of the kayaks.

The picture in this post has some crazy deckline decoration but I'll be sure to post more pictures at a later date on how it is rigged.

Thanks again for your comment.


Anonymous on March 17, 2009 8:10 PM

Interesting to read about yr trip.I kayaked in the 60's on Frobisher Bay.Also in a Folbot that I build from a kit.Travelled from Frobisher Bay(town) To the end of the bay. Visited Frobishers wintering place.Did many more trips over a period of 10 yrs.I will follow yr trip with great interst.At the age of 74 I am still ocean kayaking. J.

Comment by The Seven Settlements Kayak Expedition on March 18, 2009 2:37 PM

Hi J

It is interesting to read about your kayak trip on Frobisher Bay, especially as you used a Folbot. Thanks for your interest in my upcoming expedition. There are many months yet, but I promise to write something when I have more to tell.

Thanks again.


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