Friday, April 17, 2009

It's HERE!

The Folbot Kodiak has arrived in Uummannaq!

My original intentions were to collect the kayak in a box from the Post Office by dog sledge. That may seem cool to us but it is just plain silly by Greenlandic standards! However, undeterred I created this photo op down on the sea ice where I will be starting the expedition in a little over one year from now.

Why, you might ask, have Folbot and I agreed that the Kodiak be sent so far in advance? In terms of shipping, the Kodiak has travelled by plane and helicopter to get this far. We will not get any goods shipped by boat until an icebreaker visits us sometime in May. The sea will still be frozen at this time and perhaps even into June. The expedtion will start in late June/beginning of July in 2010 and if I am going to paddle the Kodiak before then to try it out then I want to do it in good time.

So, Folbot agreed to send the kayak early and I get to put it through its paces, even during ice break up! That's always exciting.

Greenlandic hunters traveled with their kayaks strapped to the sledge in search of open water to hunt for whales. While not as slim as a Greenlandic kayak, I think I have proven that it at least fits on a dog sledge!

Thanks Folbot!

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