Saturday, July 10, 2010

In Sermitsiaq's online news service

I found out from Saamu that the expedition has been noticed by the editors at Sermitsiaq online news service.  You can see the Greenlandic and Danish versions here:



Here's the English translation:

 Fra ekspeditionens ankomst til Ukkusissat. Foto: Chris Paton

One-man kayak expedition in Uummannaq A British born English teacher from Uummannaq is these days on a one-man kayak expedition to five of the city's seven districts.

By the editors from 10 07 2010 - 13:16
The expedition called The Seven Settlements Solo Kayak Expedition and the man behind the name Chris Paton and is 37 years.
The goal was to paddle 450 km in kayaks around Uummannaq Fjord and Uummannaq visit all seven villages. The expedition, however, run into problems, and now Chris Paton decided to confine myself to visit five villages.
- Satellite equipment is useless and so is part of the seal on my wet suit was destroyed. Compared with the much fog that makes it dangerous to sail around among the icebergs, I have decided not to cross the fjord to the more northern settlements, writes Chris Baton on his blog.

The route is now limited to 320 kilometers, which means 24 days at sea. Kayak expedition focuses on Greenlandic culture and nature.

- Likewise, I see and meet the people I have come to love and respect. The descendants of the first kayak sailors who still cherishes the noble art of kayaking, writes Chris Paton.

Chris Paton is BA in Outdoor Education from University of Strathclyde and a Danish teacher graduated from Jelling Seminarium.  He has since 2006 taught English at Edward Kruse School in Uummannaq.

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