Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Decision time

Having been stalled by fog I have had time to think. Considering the satellite is useless (if just charge it only has a lifespan of one minute maybe), I have torn the wrist seal on my dry suit and the fog. (Last time paddling in the fog was like playing Russian roulette, I could hear icebergs calved but I had no idea when they where, how far away and the direction of the wave!) I am going to change my plan. I will retrace my route to Saattut then head for Niagornat via Uumannaq. I will avoid the two big crossings and visit 5 not 7 settlements. I have never been to Niaqornat. This is a safer plan and easier on the bum. I can’t use rudder without cramp – weird but relevant on crossings. If I continued my plan doing the big crossing I’m was looking at 8 to 10 hours strait using the rudder, not a nice thought. I paddle without rudder now. The Folbot Kodiak and I are now ‘one’ and I have yet to let go of Gramkajak’s gl paddle – no more blisters! New plan = 320 km. and 24 days on the water, a good test of the Kodiak’s expedition ability. Icebergs are still high on my ‘to avoid’ list though they don’t seem to have got the memo! Chris

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