Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting down to business!

It's time to get serious.

I have been checking out the route and adding up the kilometres. Before calculating in any detours or back-paddling to avoid huge whales the kilometre total still stands at approximately 450km.

I have been looking into interesting variations on the route and emergency contingency plans should the weather or ice demand them. The most interesting variation is a portage of 3km (multiplied by the number of times I walk it!) to get from one fjord into another. I can pack the Kodiak into a large backpack and carry it overland to put in at a hunter's cabin opposite two huge glaciers. Jane and I visited this area a few years ago and walked the portage route. We didn't carry anything though. Jean-Luc Grossmann and his team portaged it on their 2007 expedition. I saw them off from Uummannaq that summer and wished I was going with them - this summer I will follow at least part of their paddle wake!

Jean-Luc's expedition comprised 4 guys in hardshell boats, paddling 600km over 45 days. I will be one guy, one folding boat and about 450km in about 30 days. I just hope I can take pictures at least half as good as Jean-Luc's!

Back to the drawing board ... I am also confident that I can get on the water at midnight on the 22nd June. Leaving Uummannaq and paddling an easy 8km over to Stor Øen. When I was reading a lot of desert literature in my late teens I came across a passage describing how nomads began long journeys by travelling just a very short distance the first night. In the event that they forgot anything when they struck camp, they could easily return for it. Whereas I don't intend to forget anything, I really like the camp on Stor Øen! Good memories of summer trips.

I will then paddle on to Umanatsiaq on Ikerasak island and then on, and on and on ...

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  1. Exciting stuff Chris! Am looking forward to seeing how much gear you have to take with you (and portage, if required). Will you take a sled set up to drag gear along the ice if need be?