Thursday, February 4, 2010

Modifying the Folbot Kodiak

I am not known for being particularly good at practical projects. Nor am I known for repairing things neatly - if I repair something I can't hide the fact! My favourite material to work with is dental floss and I liberally thread it through everything, many times, until I think I have solved the problem - i.e. it is "fixed". Not pretty, but fixed!

Luckily, the Kodiak lends itself to plenty of subtle modifications without too much invasive surgery. Using brass rings found on tarpaulins - not very technical language here I know - I made a hole in the spray-deck to allow the rudder cables to pass through without rucking up the deck. The cables themselves have been switched out with good old Greenlandic fishing line - the metal cables proved too complicated for me! The line itself is encased in poly tubing used in aquariums.

A small carabiner and some parachute cord is used to hold the seat in the upright position when entering the boat. I have also made some small cuts through the seat in order to attach a Crazy Creek inflatable cushion to make life a little more comfortable. I learned quickly that too much air makes a cushion into concrete!

The aluminum frame is great for attaching gear and with some nylon webbing and assorted plastic fasteners I made a home for the camera drybag in the space under my knees.

It was so easy to install these straps that I can't wait to figure out what else I can "secure" to the boat in this way.

The sun might have returned but I have plenty of projects to occupy me during the winter before the expedition is scheduled to start.

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