Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wishing on a Sky Lantern!

It takes one thoughtful mum and a lot of publicity on the tv to create a great entrance to the New Year, 2010, the year of The Seven Settlements kayak exped! We launched four of these biodegradable beauties on the 4th of January, each one carrying wishes for the coming year.

As the latter half of 2009 was pure survival, from a non-kayaking point of view anyway, it is with some expectation that we are all looking forward to 2010. However, inspired by a Slovakian (I think) big-river-swimmer I saw in a television documentary, I would like to paraphrase and share the wisdom of his river boat captain:

There are 3 things you should do ...

1. Throw away plan A
2. Throw away plan B
3. Just relax!

I honestly don't know or can't remember in what context he related such pearls but, I have taken them to heart!

With 170 days (ish) before expedition start I have plenty to keep myself occupied with, not least: getting in shape! But with the last of the four sky lanterns I would like to wish everyone embarking on or currently participating in expeditions in 2010 Happy Trails and many interesting adventures!


  1. Happy trails and a safe and succesful TSS 2010 Chris !!

  2. Happy New Year Chris to you and Jane and best wishes on the Expedition. We have embarked on an expedition with a difference...well, it should probably not be called 'expedition' as it is not for 'exploration' or 'research' but heck...it sure feels like it!!